Can a job switch affect your mortgage application?

Changing jobs may offer more perks – higher income, greater fulfilment, and the opportunity for growth are often things people look for in a new gig. But could it also impact your mortgage application? January and February each year is typically prime time for people considering switching jobs – the Christmas holiday period is in the rearview […]

Planning a reno in 2023? Here are 4 tips for smooth sailing

Having a spruced-up home feels great. And it can also boost your home’s value. But, as exciting as the prospect of rolling up your sleeves and getting on with a reno can be, there are certainly pitfalls to avoid. New year, new you, new reno? Renovating is exciting. Having aesthetics and function on point can […]

Get a financial head start on the school year

Finding the time to delve into your finances can be a struggle. But the school holidays can offer the perfect time, especially for teachers. Get cracking on your financial to-do list these holidays by looking into refinancing your mortgage. Planning on giving your finances a boost by refinancing your mortgage? Well, you’re not alone. Following […]

What you should know about buying a tenanted investment property

Buying a rental property is a popular way to invest. But where do you stand if the property you’re eyeing off already has a tenant? We’ll fill you in on what you need to know. So you’re primed to expand your financial horizons and want to buy an investment property? 2023 may provide promise, with double-digit […]

4 New Year’s resolutions for financial fitness

As the sun rises on January 1, many Australians will be getting started on their new year’s pacts. The gym will be full of determined resolution keepers; the pavement pounded by brand-new sneakers. But what about shaping up your finances? There’s no denying 2022 was a tough year for many mortgage holders – with eight […]

Seasons greetings! Here’s to a happy and prosperous 2023

End-of-year festivities have snuck up on us! Wishing you and yours a swell Noel and a wonderful new year. It’s time to dust off that kitsch Christmas t-shirt, deck the halls, and give Bing Crosby a spin. We hope you have the happiest of holidays and a cracking 2023. As we all bid adieu to […]

First home buyer numbers have halved: is it time to swoop in?

Repeated cash rate hikes have put many first home buyer plans on hold. So could you swoop in and reap the benefits with less competition in the market? In case you missed it, from May to December the RBA lifted the cash rate from 0.10% to 3.10%. This has no doubt hit many mortgage holders […]

Are we there yet? RBA hikes cash rate for eighth straight month to 3.10%

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has driven the cash rate up by another 25 basis points to 3.10%. Find out how much this final cash rate hike of the year has increased your mortgage repayments in 2022, and what you can expect in 2023. The good news? This is it. You can head into […]

Where there’s a will (and genuine savings), there’s a way

Inheritances can be a bittersweet part of life. But an inheritance alone won’t always cut it when applying for a home loan. Having genuine savings can help show lenders you’ve got what it takes to meet mortgage repayments. With many older Australians having accumulated a decent amount of wealth throughout their years, it’s not uncommon […]

Your new phone or your home loan? What would you research more?

What’s more important: your new phone or your next home loan? Well, we were stunned to see a recent survey that showed Australians put more effort into researching phone plans than they did their home loan. Here’s how we can help you get the balance right. More than 70% of Australians say they’re more likely […]