Why more Aussies are turning their backs on the McMansion

Australians are increasingly “thinking small” when it comes to buying a home and cracking the property market. And with perks like affordability, more desirable locations, and lower maintenance, it’s little wonder why. Many Australians are crossing the McMansion off their wish list in favour of smaller, smarter, low-maintenance homes. A recent ING study surveyed over 1000 Australians […]

Is the property market starting to rebound?

Navigating the Australian property market over the past year has felt like standing on shifting sands. But is the market starting to regain stability? And if so, what can you do now to make sure you’re ready to buy? Anyone with an eye on the property and finance market over the past few years has […]

Property valuation: what you need to know when buying a home

When buying property, it’s good to know the market value. After all, you want to know you’re paying a fair amount. But the property’s value is an important consideration for your lender too. And their valuation may be quite different. Just how much is a property worth? Well, it depends on who’s asking. When buying […]

Heads up business owners: the asset write-off deadline is looming!

Business owners wanting to buy a vehicle, asset or important piece of equipment and immediately write off the full cost have just over a month to act. That’s because the temporary full expensing scheme is set to expire on 30 June 2023. It will be superseded by a much less generous scheme, known as the instant asset […]

More home buyers set to benefit from low deposit, no LMI schemes

More Australians (and permanent residents!) will soon be eligible for a leg up into the property market under an expanded Home Guarantee Scheme. Today we’ll run you through all the upcoming changes to the low deposit, no lenders mortgage insurance scheme. Officially unveiled as part of the 2023 federal budget, the expanded Home Guarantee Scheme will have […]

Homeowners brace as RBA raises cash rate to 3.85%

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has increased the official cash rate for the 11th time in the past year, taking it to 3.85%. Have we finally reached the peak of this cycle? And how much will this latest rate hike increase your monthly repayments? In what will undoubtedly be tough news for many households […]

Tips to help stay on top amidst the rate hike cycle

With every RBA rate rise announcement, mortgage holders brace themselves for impending repayment increases. Here’s how to stay on top of your mortgage and feel financially secure. Let’s face it, the RBA’s rate rise cycle hasn’t been easy for mortgage holders, with average monthly repayments now hundreds of dollars (and in some cases, thousands of […]

Property listings and prices are bouncing back

As property prices start to climb, listings are following suit. So if you’re hunting for a home, what does this mean for you? If you’ve been looking at the property market over the last six to 12 months, you probably already know that while property prices have dropped, it’s been a case of slim pickings […]

What is the fixed-rate cliff and how can refinancing help?

You’ve probably heard the term “fixed-rate cliff” bandied about in finance news feeds. But what is it? And if you’re about to head over it, how can you prepare for a soft landing? A staggering 880,000 fixed-rate loans are set to end this year, and when they do, many Australian households will be facing significantly higher […]

Mortgage holders granted a reprieve as RBA puts interest rates on hold

And … exhale. After 10 straight rate hikes the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has today decided to put the official cash rate on hold. But for how long? The decision to keep the official cash rate at 3.60% will be welcomed by homeowners around the country after monthly repayments increased by about $1000 per […]